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About the founder.

 "Zahir, in Arabic, means visible, present, incapable of going unnoticed"-Faubourg Saint-Peres, Encyclopedia of the Fantastic 1953

Being born in Moscow, Russia and then moving to the United States has allowed me to grow, learn, and understand two different cultures at once. Writing has always been a passion of mine. From a very young age I began writing my own short stories and essays. 

Why international business or relations you ask? Well for one I have to thank to all the unique people in my life. I have friends from all over the world: Brazil, Morocco, Lebanon, and even Indonesia. I chose this field of my studies because of how fascinating I find different cultures to be. So please don't be shy ask any questions you might have! 

"You  have no idea how your words can change a life. You really don't. They can heal wounds. Feed the soul or be the polaris for one who is lost in a sea of darkness." -JmStorm